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César Ritz Colleges

Imagine a career that takes you all over the world, where you have the skills and confidence to be a leader in your chosen field. If this is your dream, then consider a career in hospitality and get a head start with our hotel management school.
César Ritz Colleges Switzerland is one of the world’s leading hospitality educational establishments, offering a truly unique opportunity for you to embark on a successful career in tourism and hotel management.
We can help you to discover your full potential with a multicultural setting with fellow students from a diversity of nations, plus highly personalized one-to-one training that focuses on your individual strengths.
We provide the perfect foundation for your career, so come and join a winning team with César Ritz Colleges Switzerland.
Prepare for success

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

César Ritz graduates are industry professionals and leaders who exceed expectations through their persistent dedication to excellence. The programme focus on hospitality and tourism management combined with specializations in sustainability and entrepreneurship allows you to explore in depth your desired field. Furthermore, start your career with your own business plan thanks to the Business Planning project as part of the bachelor programme!

Real-life projects
César Ritz Colleges Switzerland has developed a new initiative that gives students the chance to undertake real-life consultancy projects requested by hotels.
The first of these projects was launched when César Ritz Colleges was asked by an Icelandic hotel for help to develop a new marketing strategy. Based on its success, consequent projects have been undertaken, such as assistance in developing a luxury property in Zermatt, with César Ritz students playing a critical role.
Cosmopolitan campuses
If you are the kind of person that embraces different cultures, peoples, customs and etiquettes then you will be excited by what César Ritz Colleges Switzerland has to offer.
The hotel and tourism industry is, by its very nature, cosmopolitan, requiring workers to adapt to an international environment. César Ritz graduates work all over the world, building their careers at home or abroad, where dealing with colleagues, customers and partners of varying nationalities is always a key requirement.
At César Ritz Colleges Switzerland this internationalism begins on campus, where over 60 nationalities are represented.
So, in a typical day you can lunch with classmates from South America, play soccer with German colleagues, share a tutorial with students from Kenya and China, chat with your roommate from Australia and spend the evening with your Swiss friends!
Through interacting with your peers you are encouraged to look at life in a different way, learning the ways of other nationalities. This multicultural environment at César Ritz Colleges offers a unique learning atmosphere, fostering true cultural awareness.

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