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Cricova winery


Let me introduce you the elite products of Winery of “CRICOVA”. Connoisseurs from all over the world have preferred our wines for decades. And they are absolutely right, while Cricova sparkling and fine wines, produced with the best European traditions, fully deserve their fame.

Winery of “CRICOVA” is a real pearl of Moldovan wine-making. In the famous Cricova lime-stone adits, under careful custody of wine-makers, the excellent Moldovan wines are aged and preserved. The white wines are fine, delicate and tender, the red ones are unobtrusively rough, somewhat pushing and traditionally unforgettable. Our wines are very tasty and quite peculiar. This fact is confirmed by a flood of international prizes and different awards.
From year to year our skilful wine-makers fill the famous Cricova wine collection, in which ancient from all over the world are preserved. They are priceless. Visit to the Cricova Wine Tasting Halls is not only a trip to the wine country, but also a revel inevitable atmosphere of a mysterious Cricova underground.
Our sparkling wine brings luck. Do not scare away the whimsical fortune and celebrate everyoccasion with the noble beverages from “CRICOVA”!
Hoping for a fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Services included in the package: Monday-Friday:
Cricova tasting program «La Botul Calului»/1 hour
1. Excursion – collection wine department with a stopover at the barrels.
2. Excursion – classic sparkling wine department.
3. Excursion – National Wine Collection.
4. Tasting rooms presentation.
5. First class barrel wine tasting in the «Botul Calului» hall, from the clay pitcher and glassesin a national style. 
6. Snacks: pie.
7. Souvenir: one bottle of classic sparkling wine.
50 Euro/pers. 60 Euro/pers.
Cricova program of wine tasting „Professional“ / 2 hours
1. Excursion –collection wine department with a stopover at the barrels.
2. Tasting 5 types of wines
3. Snacks – Pressed cheese varieties, nuts,bread crumbs,mineral water, pies.
4. Souvenir – a bottle of classic sparkling wine, a bottle of first class wine and Cricova winery catalogue
65 Euro/pers. 75 Euro/pers.
Cricova program of wine tasting „Kingdom of Wine“ / 2 hours
1. Excursion –collection wine department with a stopover at the barrels.
2. Tasting 5 types of wines
3.Vegetables varieties,meat plate,hominy with meat,sour cream and moldavian cheese,pies with pumpkin,pies with cabbage,bread,mineral water
75 Euro/pers. 85 Euro/pers.
The price includes: guided tour in Romanian, Russian, English, French.

Extras: transport services (transfer) - 40 euro / person.

From 2 to 4 person -25 euro / person.