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Discover Moldova


Travel Agency Corina, having its representation in the hotel is happy to offer you various excursions and tours around Moldova. Our guests can benefit from special offers on wine tours and most popular tours around Moldova. The agency is open from 08:00 a.m. till 07:00p.m.

Capital: Chișinău
The Republic of Moldova is a small country, favorably situated in the Southeast part of Europe, neighboring Romania to the West and Ukraine to the East. This piece of land boasts a rich history, abundant in dramatic and agitated events.

From the XIV century it was a part of the Moldova Principality, situated between Oriental Carpathians and the Nistru river, in the north bounded by Hotin, and in the South – by the Low Danube and the Black Sea.
Following the Peace concluded in Bucharest, in 1812, a part of this territory was asigned to Czarist Russia, which called it Basarabia - an older name, earlier attributed to the southern part. The aim was to identify this territory as a separate geographic entity from the Moldova Principality.

he Independence of the Democratic Republic of Moldova was proclaimed in January 1918. And later, on March 27 1918 it was decided to re-unite it with Romania. The next annexure process took place in 1940, following the Molotov - Ribbentrop summit. According to this Basarabia became part of the USSR and was proclaimed as the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia. It comprised only nine Basarabian counties and six districts from the left bank of the Nistru River. The present territory of Moldova is smaller compared to the area attributed to Russian authorities in 1812, since the North Hotin, Acherman and the southern Ismail were given up in 1940 by the Soviet authorities to Ukraine.

Due to the restructuring process that started in the Central and Eastern Europe, in June 1990 Moldova proclaimed its sovereignty, and on August 27, 1991 – its State Independence. In March 2, 1992, the Republic of Moldova became a member of the United Nations.

We recommend to visit:

-The Museum of Ethnography and National History
-National Museum of History
-"Capriana" Monastery
-"Hancu" Monastery
-Zamfir-Ralli Arbore's mansion
-"Cricova" Winery
-"Milestii Mici" Winery
-Codri - the natural reservation
-Soroca Fortress